Square Enix Figure Diablos Armor (Rage Set) 28 cm Monster Hunter 4. Play Arts Kai

Figure: Rage Set Devil Armor 100% official and licensed. Material: PVC Measurements: 28 cm Manufacturer: Square-Enix Line: Play Arts Kai Details: A spectacular figure as few will make all Monster Hunter 4 fans enjoy and much more. Value for money: very good ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Beautifully moulded and painted with futuristic look on the Square-Enix line. For all the merchandising lovers of the popular Monster Hunters 4 video game this figure I bring you here I'm sure they will love it. It is made by the prestigious Square-Enix and has the characteristic futuristic style that marks all the creations of this leading company worldwide. The figure is the very good replica of the character known as the Devil Armor (Rage Set). it is 28 cm high. it is made of PVC. from the Play Arts kai line and of course it is also 100% official and licensed. This is a figure that has no waste. with a perfect moulded and painted. the artisans of Square-Enix have done a great job. have learned to capture the essence of the character and have also managed to take care of every detail so that the likeness of the character is as accurate as possible to the view in the video game. The truth is that we love it and all fans will spend it from the factory playing with it. It is a articulated figure and therefore you can put it in infinite poses. recreating the scenes you remember of the game. As always. Square-Enix completes its items with a good amount of weapons. accessories and interchangeable and removable parts and this time could not be an exception. It is a very complete figure for everything you bring with you (look at photos) and also comes with its base its stand so you can display and support it correctly so you can admire it throughout your sp.


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