Arbre Toddler Toddler Trolley. Baby. Hand Push Multi-Function Anti-Rollover Baby Learning Walking Cart 6-18 Months Carriage (Color : Mint Green)

Colour:Mint Green
▲Large-capacity storage bag. weight-increasing capacity of about 1.3L. can be increased by loading rice sand. etc.. can also accommodate toys. but also can add about 1.25 kg of rice to the leg of the cart to gain weight. the whole car increases Weighs about 4.6 kg▲Fun rolling pinion. the baby plays with the rotating pinion to promote the development of hand muscle strength▲Sitting mode: the baby can sit and play the small toys on the walker; the implementation mode: the baby pushes away. safely walks▲Music keyboard. large color piano keys. stimulate the baby's visual sense. button to sense the change of different temperament. cultivate the baby's fun▲Knocking on the piano and the horn can be disassembled and played alone. suitable for babies of different agesInfant carriage's frame is made from high quality anti-rust and durable aluminum alloy.
This is a luxury newborn stroller.
▲Reasonable foot distance. low center of gravity. more stable. effectively prevent rollover. making it difficult for the baby to kick the foot during this toddler
▲Designed according to the proportion of the human body and the height ratio of the baby. let the baby walk with both feet reasonably and prevent O-legs
▲The rear wheel can be adjusted. the anti-skid deceleration can adjust the appropriate retreat speed according to the baby in different toddlers.
▲Increase the handle for babies of different heights


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